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With all the challenges of running a successful Boy Scout Troop, having an app is probably the last thing you are worrying about.  However, with  the competition for your scouts attention (i.e., school, sports and as they get older "perfume" and "gasoline") an app is exactly what you need.  We have spent numerous hours developing a truly useful app for your Boy Scout Troop, and we are making it available to you for the flat fee of $50, which includes three years of updates to the app at no additional charge.  Since we realize that troops are by definition, non-profit organizations, we offer this app for $50.


To see all the screens, along with a short description of each screen, download the Pdf document (click here to view and print it out)

check lists campgrounds contacts troop website or council website hiking trails reference GPS compass Troop app main screen showing links to various scout activities and resources.

Download & try Troop 680's app from one of the sources below!
Troop Software's app is available on Google Play   Troop Software's app is available on

What you get for $50

  • iPhone/iPad version of the app within 1 month of  payment
  • Android Phone/Tablet version of the app within 2 weeks of payment
  • Your troop number on screens
  • Up to 20 of your checklists (text)
  • Up to 20 sets of contacts (text)
  • Up to 20 hiking trails (you will need to provide the trail names or Lat/Long of trail head)
  • Up to 20 campgrounds/scout facilities (you will need to provide the trail names or Lat/Long of campground)
  • Up to 20 reference text items (we already have Scout Law, Oath, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor code, and Pledge of allegiance)
  • Troop website link, or council website link if you do not have a website (we also do troop websites)
  • 3 years of updates (change in scoutmaster, committee members, etc.)
Interested?  If so, then simply download the Pdf document (click here to view and then print it out) which is our Troop workbook.  After you have completed the workbook, contact us via the following:
Mailing address:   Dr. Mike Stachiw
Strategic Mapping & Data Services, LLC
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St Louis, MO 63132
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Phone:   (314) 428-3156

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